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Featured Charity: Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam (ACCV)

ACCV was established after the Vidotto family went on a family trip to Vietnam in September 2006. During their visit they spent some time at an orphanage in Hanoi. The Vidotto family were completely taken with the children of the orphanage and with the street kids and former-street kids that they met during our stay. They were also […]

Baamboozle: A Teaching Resource Tool

This post is for all of the teachers out there who find it difficult to maintain enthusiasm in the class room. While kids today find it hard to go seconds without having their smartphone or tablet in their hand, the old teaching methodology of Textbooks, Notebooks, Chalk and Blackboards seems rather mundane. A new and […]

New Game: Not For Golf Lovers

A great new game has arrived online at the Google Play Store. Its called ‘Not Golf’ and while its definately not golf there is something it certainly similar, only funner! Over the years i’ve definately had my try at various golf games starting with Microsoft The Frustrating Microsoft Golf ’95 Golf, but as always golf […]

Facts About Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is the site of some of Australia’s most interesting historical facts and home to its most renowned and significant structures. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is easily one of the most renowned components of the harbour, and it does not escape the cove’s intriguing history. The idea of a bridge connecting the Northern and […]

Tips for Listing

We want to make it as easy as possible to promote yourself online. Below is a few handy hints to get your there in style and quickly! Images In Item post: There is no restrictions here, if you can communicate your business in pictures awesome! Also no pornography. Ever. Featured Image Just below the main content […]

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