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Coles to introduce new line of vegan food from Maggie Beer

Coles to introduce new line of vegan food from Maggie Beer

Coles, the famed supermarket chain, and Maggie Beer, the famed chef from South Australia, are partnering to serve up a new line of vegetarian and vegan food to Aussie consumers. Called “Maggie’s Food for Life,” the line of plant based foods will be sold in around 400 Coles stores beginning in October, Business News Australia reports.

“I’m so pleased to be able to launch the Maggie’s Food for Life range of plant-based meals with Coles, so consumers can now enjoy a convenient, nutritionally balanced and great tasting meal from my family to theirs,” Beer said.

She added that while the food is vegan, meaning it contains no animal-derived ingredients at all, much of it pairs well with certain dairy products.

“Being plant-based, they are perfect for vegetarians and vegans though I often add dairy such as ricotta or goats curd to make it indulgent for myself or you can serve as an accompaniment to any other protein that you choose.”

One of her goals is to encourage people to eat more plant-based protein, which she says is her go-to source of protein the majority of the time.

“I’ve come to celebrate plant protein as the way I want to eat much of the time, whether I cook from scratch, or have these in my fridge for when time is of the essence.”

Australia has been slow, slower than many Western countries, to embrace plant-based diets. A 2019 ABC poll found that only 1 percent of Aussies follow a vegan diet. A further 3 percent said they were vegetarian, and another 6 percent identified as “semi-vegetarian.” Meanwhile, 89 percent of respondents said they were flesh-eaters.

This is in spite of the fact that, according to numerous scientific studies, red meat (which includes beef, pork and lamb) is carcinogenic. It increases your risk of various cancers, most prominently colon and rectal cancer. It is also linked to an increased risk of prostate and pancreatic cancer.

The same is true of processed meat (hot dogs, sausages, bacon, sandwich meat, etc.), which is associated with a higher risk of colon and stomach cancer.

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