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Facts About Sydney Harbour

Facts About Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is the site of some of Australia’s most interesting historical facts and home to its most renowned and significant structures.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is easily one of the most renowned components of the harbour, and it does not escape the cove’s intriguing history. The idea of a bridge connecting the Northern and Southern end of Sydney Harbour was first proposed in 1815. However, the design of the bridge was not prepared until after World War I. The NSW Government invited worldwide tenders for construction in 1922 and let the construction to English firm Dorman Long & Co of Middlesbrough. Construction for the bridge began in 1924. 1400 men, $4.2 million, 16 deaths, 53,000 tonnes of steel and eight years later the Sydney Harbour Bridge was finally unveiled on 19th March 1932. At a height of 143 metres from the harbour, the bridge is the largest steel bridge in the world.


The Sydney Opera House holds similar significance in that Danish designer Jorn Utzon won architecture’s highest international honour in 2003, the Pritzker Prize. Utzon initially won the international design competition put on by the NSW Government in 1956, on account of his ‘bold and visionary’ design. Despite controversy with funding, changes in government and Utzon’s subsequent resignation in 1966, the designs were completed and Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the Opera House in 1973.

Sydney Harbour has also experienced torpedoes from Japanese midget submarines during the Battle of Sydney Harbour in 1942; it is surrounded by the pristine forests of Sydney Harbour National Park; it is a vital trade port, and a historical and cultural treasure of Australia.

Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks use an unfathomable 60 tonnes of lighting effects to draw in an audience of around 1 billion viewers from around the world. Parading the harbour on New Year’s Eve from aboard a luxurious ship will allow you to become a part of this important heritage on one of the most exciting events of the year.

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