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Fugitive found in Darwin swamp

Fugitive found in Darwin swamp

An Australian man was found naked and stranded in a swamp near the city of Darwin, the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory. The man was found begging for help by two local fisherman who were quite surprised by the find. It was only later that they found out the man’s bizarre backstory and trouble with the police! 

Fisherman Kev Joiner and Cam Faust had been laying crab traps in the mangrove when they came across a nude figure holding on to a branch. The two fisherman were alarmed for the person as the water below is known for being inhabited by crocodiles. They approached the sitting figure in order to offer aid and rescue without knowing of the man’s fugitive past. 

The 40 year old man was later identified as Luke Vorskresensky who is wanted for breach of bail for armed robbery. He told the fisherman he had been living in the swamp for four days and asked for water. He said he had been surviving by eating snails. The two fishermen took pity on the man they had found and offered him clothing and beer to aid his recovery. 

Joiner and Faust were stunned with what they had found, though at first they guessed “he just must have had a big night after New Year’s and got lost and done himself a mischief in the bush,” according to Joiner when speaking with ABC News. In other news reports, Joiner went on to say “I don’t think we’ll ever catch like that again”.

Voskresensky revealed he had cut his ankle monitoring device off in an attempt to avoid detection from the authorities. He had escaped into the swamp but became lost quickly before ending up in the dire circumstances he was found. He has now been provided with medical care and is back in police custody.

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