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New Game: Not For Golf Lovers

A great new game has arrived online at the Google Play Store. Its called ‘Not Golf’ and while its definately not golf there is something it certainly similar, only funner!

Over the years i’ve definately had my try at various golf games starting with Microsoft

The Frustrating Microsoft Golf '95

The Frustrating Microsoft Golf ’95

Golf, but as always golf games require patience and precision only to wait for the familiar sound of the ball dropping into the tiny hole.

Not Golf adds a new spin on the whole idea. There’s no hole, it’s a target, the ball doesn’t disappear, it explodes, the terrain isn’t flat, it’s an obstruction!

Casual games have definately come into a league of their own of recent years and Not Golf is one which I can see being popular because of its simple twist on the classic game.

The Gameplay really offers fun for a quick time-out-of-mind experience and enough challenging entertainment for longer hauls. My favorite feature is the ability to take a second, third or forth hit mid-air. Not longer do you need to wait until the ball is stationary to correct your mistakes. This really adds greater flow and fun to the whole experience.

Fling the ball around and hit your target, even take a another shot mid-air!

Fling the ball around and hit your target, even take a another shot mid-air!

Not Golf, only recently released currently features:

• 81 fun and challenging levels
• 9 courses
• Built-in competitive speedrun mode
• Unlockable customizable themes
• Google play achievements
• Global leaderboards
• No internet connection needed (a great feature!)

The developer has commented that there will be more courses and changes to come, we can wait to see what’s next!

Not Golf is available to download on the Google Play store for free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ronancasey.notgolf&hl=en

Success! Under-Par!

Success! Under-Par!