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Online business growth opportunity for Sydney’s Sex Shops

Online business growth opportunity for Sydney’s Sex Shops

The world-wide outbreak of COVID-19 and subsequent global pandemic that has dominated the media in the beginning of 2020 is finally beginning to subdue. Whilst the virus continues to spread across the globe, with rising numbers in places such as Brazil as of June 2020 meaning, even as lock-down restrictions are being eased elsewhere, the future remains to be seen for how life will continue in this “new normal”. 

Meanwhile, the rise of body and sex positivity in the latter half of the decade has also seen an increase in interest and destigmatisation of sex toys. Business for the sex industry has been in a boom only compounded by the outbreak of the global pandemic and lockdown restrictions. With so many people at home, unable to work and with ample free time, it seems obvious those stuck inside would be looking for other ways to fill their time. One family planning clinic in Indonesia even suggests there could be a baby spike of over 400,000 unplanned pregnancies looming as a result of lockdown. 

With cultural habits and norms set to change in a post-corona world, how then can Sydney’s sex shops capitalise on this moment of arousal in their industry? Many of Sydney’s best loved adult play stores have refocused their business efforts online following the decrease in footfall to their physical locations. Global media outlet Time Out – or rather Time In – as they have rebranded since the pandemic, turned its attentions to the online outlets of Sydney’s erotic play stores in part of their attempt to encourage people to stay inside. 

With lockdown restrictions still in place and a second curve supposedly imminent, only time will tell whether the effect of the virus on Sydney’s sex shops industry. With foreboding talk of another Great Depression also, we will have to wait and see whether the city’s sex shops will weather the storm, or if indeed there might be a slither of a silver lining for them. 

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