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Someone from Western Sydney won the $12m Powerball prize and doesn’t know it

Someone from Western Sydney won the $12m Powerball prize and doesn’t know it

If you took a chance on the Powerball lottery the other night, find your ticket and look at the numbers closely. Somebody won the $12 million jackpot and is apparently unaware of their windfall. The anonymous person is the only person in all of Australia with the winning ticket—all that money belongs to them (unlike the United States, lottery prizes are not subject to a massive tax).

Here are the winning numbers in Powerball draw 1221, held October 10: 28, 11, 27, 16, 6, 3 and 35. The Powerball number was 10.

“If you purchased an entry into last night’s Powerball draw from Greystanes Centre Newsagency there’s 12 million reasons why you should be checking your ticket today,” NSW Lotteries spokeswoman Lauren Cooney said. “You may think there’s no way you could be the winner we’re searching for but someone is walking around with a $12 million ticket in their pocket. “Just imagine how your life could change after you discover you’re $12 million richer.”

The occasion marks the first time an Australian has won the $12 million Powerball. The record, however, is an outrageous $107,575,649.08, won by a Sydney resident last January.

News.com.au reports that the entry in question had not been registered to a Players Club cars, so NSW Lottery personnel do not have any means of identifying the winner and notifying them that they are now rich.

“We’re so excited to have sold this winning entry and to know that one of customers is $12 million richer,” Greystanes Centre Newsagency employee Thu Than told News.com.au. “We were thrilled when we saw we had sold the life-changing prize. All our customers are so excited and are busy checking their Powerball tickets. We certainly hope we’ll be checking the winning ticket soon.”

If you happen to be the winner, contact NSW Lotteries at 131 868 ASAP. Unless you’d rather not collect your $12 million. I wonder what would become of the cash then.

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