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Salmon aplenty for Tasmanians after fish farm fire

Salmon aplenty for Tasmanians after fish farm fire

Locals in Tasmania have been inundated with salmon recently after a fire at a fish farm broke out and accidentally melted part of the enclosures making up the fish pens. The mishap at the farm Huon Aquaculture in Dover’s Hideaway Bay is an embarrassment to the company who promotes sustainability goals and values as prominently on brand. The farm was established in 1986 and initially focused on salmon before expanding to Ocean Trout in 2005. It is estimated to have lost around 50,000 Atlantic salmon in this most recent breakout creating what locals are calling the best catch in years. 

Causes and consequences 

It seems an unprecedented electrical fire at the fish farm was the cause of the release that ecology activists are declaring could be devastating for the balance of predator and prey in the waters. Professor Jeremy Lyle of the University of Tasmania Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies however, suggested the breakout might not be “that significant” in its effect on marine aquacultures. Professor Lyle did admit though that the invasion of the exotic species to the region was not ideal and encouraged a positive outlook for the fishermen and marine prey that will be eating well and helping to restore the aquatic balance. Elsewhere activists have called the breakout deeply problematic considering the invasive fish could establish populations that compete with native species. 

Make hay whilst the sun shines 

For those fishing enthusiasts and lucky-chancers alike, this recent breakout could see them make some cash money from the farm’s unlucky situation. A whole salmon is estimated at market for around $26 AUD, making even a four kilo catch worth roughly around $100 AUD. Deciding how much to keep and how much to sell will depend for many just how lucky they made out from their fishing endeavours. For those keeping their catches, we suggest a light lemon, salt and pepper dressing on a baked piece to really maximise the natural flavour of the fish. 

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